October 24th, 2019 - "Rooted" Fall Benefit - The Next Door

On October 24th, The Next Door held its annual Fall Benefit fundraiser.  With over 900 guests in attendance and the most money we’ve ever raised, it was a great success!  Our theme of ROOTED celebrated The Next Door’s roots in the Nashville community for 15 years and explored the root cause of our clients’ addiction.  We were blessed to have numerous former clients in attendance, each sharing their roots, which sadly were in sexual trauma, loss of parents or significant others, abandonment, brokenness, child abuse, chronic pain, loneliness, dysfunctional home lives, mental illness, and abusive relationships.

With the evidence-based addiction treatment and Christ-centered compassionate care they received at The Next Door, there is hopeful FRUIT to come out of these ROOTS.  Here are 15 examples shared by our client alumnae of what fruit has come of their recovery:

  1. I am celebrating 16 years of freedom and healing.
  2. I have received forgiveness from God and my kids.
  3. I serve as a professional counselor for those battling addiction.
  4. I put my kids’ needs before my own.
  5. I have healthy relationships for the first time with my family and my God.
  6. I am proud to have 16 months sober and free!
  7. I wake up thanking God for another day.
  8. I am strong, loved and on track to get my kids back!
  9. I am a 4.0 college student studying to be a social worker.
  10. I live with purpose every single day. 
  11. I have my life back!
  12. I have strong faith and a joyful marriage.
  13. I am worthy of God’s love!
  14. I have God’s grace and a sober community of friends.
  15. I re-gained the trust of my husband and children and we are reunited!

To view the Breakfast program with emcee Charles Overby, click here. (this starts 15 minutes late)

To view the Luncheon program with emcee Lisa Harper, click here.

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