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Monday Meditation: Healing

– Written by Rev. Tambi Swiney
As a child, I was fascinated by the story of the four men who carried their paralyzed friend on a mat to Jesus because they believed that Jesus could heal him. Since a large crowd had gathered to hear Jesus that day, when the friends arrived at the house in Capernaum where Jesus was preaching, they could not get in the door.…

Alcohol Awareness Month: Withdrawal

– Written by Vanderbilt School of Nursing Students
The Positive Effects of Quitting Alcohol  
Stopping and reducing your alcohol use has many positive effects on your body. This includes lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and reducing your risk for heart failure and cancer.…

Monday Meditation: Easter Sunday and Trauma

– Written by Rev. Tambi Swiney
Although we tend to focus on rejoicing on Easter Sunday, the gospel narratives remind us that the first Easter Sunday was the culmination of three days of trauma, and trauma doesn’t simply evaporate. Three days prior to the discovery of the empty tomb, Jesus’ partners in ministry scattered in fear after his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane.…

Monday Meditation: Do You See This Woman?

– Written by Rev. Tambi Swiney
As The Next Door focuses on the core value of respect throughout 2021, we can turn to the Gospels and look to Jesus for inspiration. A story from Luke’s Gospel seems particularly relevant.
A religious leader had invited Jesus to be his honored guest for dinner.…

Wellness Master Q&A

Listen to the podcast here!
Get ready to dive in with Jason Cronan, MS, CSCS, CEP  as he speaks to special guest Morgan Coyner, Marketing and Communications Manager for The Next Door.  Make sure to listen to the end of the podcast because Morgan shares how to recognize anxiety and how to cope with both anxiety and a panic attacks.…