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You Matter!

– Janie Elkins, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
My dream wasn’t to be an addict. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a veterinarian. But addiction is not a choice. Sure, I made the choice to experiment, but it stopped being a choice quickly.…

Overdose and Suicide: How do we categorize tragic deaths?

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week. In recent years, awareness about suicide has increased, but there are still so many questions surrounding this type of death, especially as it relates to drug use and overdoses.
Overdose or Suicide?
Losing someone who has overdosed leaves us with so many questions.…

Betty Dickens – Board Member Recognition by nFocus Magazine

from nFocus Magazine, written by Holly Hoffman
Photograph by Alex Berger

The Next Door is on track to offer services to more than 1,600 Middle Tennessee women in crisis this year. Fifteen years ago, it opened to meet the needs of transitional housing and support for female ex-offenders, and programs have since expanded to include those impacted by addiction, mental illness and trauma.…

Reflections from a Summer Intern

Written by Helen Phillips, Development Team Intern
When you think of a teenager’s job, you might think of a retail store or fast food restaurant. My brother, for example, worked as a “bag boy” at Richland Country Club until he left for college a few weeks ago.…

Waiting For Morning

Written by Joy Fanguy, Clinical Associate
In the spring of 2008, I sat in a small kitchen inside a children’s home that ran out of an abandoned hospital in the tiny town of Garca, Brazil. As I chatted with the mother of the home, she shared with me that sometimes the children came to the home in the middle of the night kicking and screaming, and that she had to hold them tight until the Enemy no longer had control over them.…

Three Common Misconceptions About Your Mental Health

Over the last decade, there’s been a significant trend in organizations doing work to raise awareness about the importance of mental health. Historically, there’s been a stigma around mental health diagnoses and treatment. Though things have gotten better, they still aren’t perfect.…

Somebody’s Daughter

Written by Dani Branham, Clinic Nurse
Driving to work today, I heard a song on the radio that reminded me of the clients that we serve at The Next Door—“Somebody’s Daughter” by Tenille Towns. In this song, she reminds us all that we are valued, we have family, and there are always people in our corner rooting for us, regardless of who we are.…

When Words Fail

Written by Morgan Coyner, Grant Coordinator, and Cindy Birdsong, Art Therapist
Our residential and partial hospitalization clients have weekly art therapy sessions. Cindy Birdsong, TND’s art therapist, curates a safe, nurturing space for women to open their minds and create.
Observing art therapy is not allowed.…