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COVID-19 Response

This page includes our most up-to-date program adaptations and organization updates regarding COVID-19. 
The Next Door’s Management Team has created a response plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus within the TND community and to maximize the health and safety of our clients and staff.…

The Questions

– Written by Jenn, TND Alumna
Each time the majority of my Narcotics Anonymous (NA) group at The Next Door is new girls, I like to drive home the point that they are not alone. The disease of addiction tricks us into thinking we are worthless and the things that we have done make us so.…

A Time to Lament

– Written by Rev. Tambi Swiney, Spiritual Wellness Coordinator
This is not a normal day in Nashville. Although the sun is shining brightly, some find themselves walking in a fog of grief and loss in the wake of the tornado that ravaged a swath of Middle Tennessee overnight.…

Even Louder

– Written by Kate McKinnie, Director of Development
I’m not sure if you’re like me, but as I listen to Christian radio, often I hear a song that I absolutely love and cannot get enough of. Right now, that song is “Even Louder” by Stephen Malcom and Natalie Grant. …

The Flight Attendants of Treatment

At The Next Door, our social workers/case managers are called Care Managers. To us, it’s a more accurate reflection of what they do, and it helps alleviate the idea that these women work themselves into the ground with little to no support.…

Opportunity Behind The Next Door

Written by Tracy Korney, Posted November 22, 2019
We all have imperfections we like to hide.
But for those battling drug or alcohol abuse, hiding can destroy lives and families for generations.
33-year-old Jennifer, who asked that we keep her last name private, calls herself a “master hider.”…

3 Nashville Organizations We’re Thankful For

Written by Annie Reeves at StyleBlueprint, Posted November 2019
The Next Door
Fifteen years ago, The Next Door was formed as a place to receive women after their release from jail. At the time, there was nowhere else in town where women could turn after incarceration, so for 10 years, The Next Door invited women in, easing their transition.…

Recovery Changed My Family

– Written by Elizabeth Tipton, The Next Generation Board Member
Like many people, I have seen the impact of drug and alcohol addiction on friends and family.  Addiction can wreak havoc on an individual and everyone whose lives they touch.  I have also seen the amazing healing and transformation that recovery can bring.…


– Written by Rev. Tambi Swiney, Spiritual Wellness Coordinator
Genealogy has become an incredibly popular hobby and a multi billion-dollar industry in the United States in recent years. Why? Because people are curious about their family’s roots. They want to know where they came from, who they came from.…