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Blog Post: Miracles

One Saturday per month, I have the pleasure of helping host Girls Night In, which is a fun time of the week for clients of The Next Door to enjoy. Let me start by saying that Miracles happen during every Girls’ Night In! That means God is at work, He is present, He is involved, […]

Blog Post: Mom Guilt

Hello! My name is Candise, and I am The Next Door’s grant writer. I’m blessed to be the mother of two beautiful little girls. Both are under the age of three. Prayers for patience and sleep are appreciated! After both of my daughters were born, many people asked me if I was going to continue […]

Blog Post: Weather Changes

The first day of spring might have been March 20th, but that didn’t stop Mother Nature from unleashing some of the most interesting weather in Nashville this year. We had unbelievable amounts of rain, freezing temperatures, and to top it all – SNOW on April 16th! How does this relate to Addiction Treatment? The journey […]

Blog Post: Life-Changing Recovery

Several months into working at The Next Door, I was having a conversation with my mother and she brought something to my attention that I was floored with gratitude to realize. She reminded me of the program she entered into over 10 years ago that had given her a safe place to transition into; an […]

Blog Post: Season of Renewal

Spring is such a beautiful season of renewal. You see it all around and in many forms – flowers starting to bloom, neighbors dusting off lawn mowers to give the yard its first cut of the season, and drive-through car washes with lines around the block. With more daylight now, I see entire families on […]

Blog Post: Springtime Reflections

I love SPRINGTIME! Every year when I spot the first little tiny crocus petals peeking up through the ground (or sometimes the snow!), quickly followed by the beautiful bright yellow daffodils sprinkled throughout my drive to and from work, I get so excited about Spring! I know that very soon I’ll also see the forsythia and […]

Blog Post: Light Bulb Moments at The Next Door

One of my favorite things about working at The Next Door is hearing about or observing numerous “light bulb” moments that take place in a given day. They come from many different people who make up TND’s community (clients, family members, guests, current supporters) and happen in various settings. Here are a few examples: At […]

Blog Post: I Am Powerless.

The future. Some view it with excitement and anticipation. Others view it with fear and dread. I personally struggle with this! When a new year begins I compel myself to think on the positive things that could happen, versus all the negative. For me, this is crucial, but not easy. One reason for this fear […]

Blog Post: Change Can Be Hard

Depending on the day, if you look up “New Year’s resolution failure rate,” the number is as high as 80% by February 1st. Change is hard! It’s also uncomfortable, especially when staying with the status quo is so much easier. But then there are times we want change. We need change. And it can come […]

Blog Post: Embracing our Changing Landscapes

The Next Door’s Midtown neighborhood is one of the fastest growing areas in this amazing city. From my desk, I can see our awesome neighbor, Tri-Star Kimbro Oil, in front of our building at 22nd and Charlotte – though they’re probably better known as the Shell Station. They recently began renovations to build an incredible […]