Navigating Life’s Big Transitions in Addiction Recovery: Tips for Success

Summer is winding down, and school is back in session! August is a popular month for big transitions. Whether you’re preparing for back-to-school, moving to a new place, or starting a new job, it’s crucial to approach these transitions with care and a solid plans. For those in recovery from addiction, these transitions can be […]

The Next Door… are we the neighborhood app?

The Next Door…are we the neighborhood app? That is a common reaction I get when I tell people where I serve. Our name is grounded in our history dating back to the beginning in 2004 at First Baptist Church in downtown Nashville where the wild praying women had a dream. And while we are not […]

Reflections from Our High School Intern

When I first got to The Next Door, I was very nervous about what to expect. In my previous years, I had read and learned from the basis of a text-book about addiction and treatment, but I had never interacted or had a first hand experience with someone with an addiction themselves. Stepping into The Next Door would be a coming of age experience for me.

Pause and Ponder: Mary and Elizabeth

Who are the women you turn to when you need to talk? Who are the women you seek out when you are facing a crisis? Who are the women you look to for wisdom and comfort, reassurance and encouragement? Mary desperately needed to talk to someone after the angel Gabriel turned her world upside down. She needed help […]

What Does National Women Supporting Women Day Mean to Us?

December 1 is National Women Supporting Women Day, and I truly believe that when women support each other, incredible things can happen. This is much easier said than done. Truly supporting the women around you requires energy and intentionality. It is fulfilling to pour into those around you and we wanted to give you four […]

The Advent Season

Thanksgiving has passed. Christmas is coming. For many folks, this season will be jam-packed with frenetic activity. In between the special events, the shopping, the decorating, and the baking, how can you set aside time for physical and emotional rest and spiritual reflection? Sunday, November 27, marked the beginning of the season of Advent. While […]

A Thanksgiving Blessing

May God bless you with . . .     a heart overflowing with gratitude     a mind focused on God’s good gifts     a body energized to serve others May God bless you with . . .      moments of reconnection with friends and family     moments of remembrance of loved ones lost     moments of reflection on God’s […]

When One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Different Levels of Care Can Meet Individual Needs

Learn more about how TND walks alongside Tennessee women struggling with substance use disorders.

Pause and Ponder: Nurturing a Mindset of Gratitude

Tis the season for giving thanks. But not everyone automatically feels thankful at Thanksgiving. For some, memories associated with Thanksgiving gatherings evoke feelings of anger and grief, sadness and loss. The essential question is this: Can you still give thanks even when your experience of the holiday won’t be a carefully curated, Instagram-worthy event? Thanksgiving […]

Pause and Ponder: Happy Halloween!

Every year on Halloween, I recall a conversation from my seminary days that took place during a New Testament class. With Halloween just a few days away, one of my classmates asked our professor a personal question: Do you allow your children to celebrate Halloween? I wasn’t sure why this young man posed the question. […]

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