The Next Door thrives on interns!

As an intern with TND, you’d serve in many roles according to your area of study, as well as your gifts and talents, and the needs of our agency. We gladly accept undergraduate and graduate level clinical and non-clinical interns.

Please note: Medical internships are coordinated by contract between The Next Door and various educational institutions. If you’re interested in conducting a medical internship with TND, please work with your institution to determine if a contract is in place. 

A condensed list of accepted fields of study are as follows:

  • Business
  • Counseling/Psychology
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Social Work

If you are interested in interning and your field of study is not listed, please reach out to Betsy Walker. We may be able to accommodate.

We accept no more than four graduate and two undergraduate interns for any given semester, with little to no exception.

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in interning or completing your practicum or preceptorship with us, you’ll need to fill out and submit our Intern Application along with a copy of your resume. Your application should be sure to indicate that you are applying for an internship in Nashville, the dates you were hoping to start and end your time with us, and your school supervisor/university contact.

Once your application and resume are received, they will be reviewed and next steps determined. If both parties feel this would be a good fit, we’ll move forward with assigning an on-site TND supervisor, completing the on-boarding procedure which includes a drug screen, background check, and TB skin test no more than 30 days prior to starting, and scheduling an Intern Orientation.

You’ll be notified of the date and time of orientation, if accepted. Orientations are held at our facility, located at 402 22nd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203, and parking for orientation is available in The Next Door’s parking lot. Be aware that other nearby lots are towing zones!

Deadlines for getting your packet in:

For Summer interns, your packet is due no later than March 15th
For Fall interns, your packet is due no later than June 15th
For Spring interns, your packet is due no later than October 15th

If your institution has a deadline prior to these dates (based on the semester), we will attempt to accommodate those parameters.

Our Intern Application can be downloaded below. When you are ready to apply, please submit the Application and your resume to:

Thank you for your interest!