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At The Next Door, we focus on mindfulness with our clients. Mindfulness is the idea of focusing only on the present. COVID-19 has caused us to be sad about the past, as we no longer have the same freedoms we once experienced. It’s impossible to look to the future because so much is still uncertain.

So what can we do to cope? The answer comes from women in recovery – take it one day at a time. 

Taking it one day at a time means surrendering to the things that are out of our control and focusing on what is in front of us. Taking one step at a time – one day at a time – is the key to finding joy, especially right now.

Help us provide ONE DAY of treatment

$5 – ONE cup of coffee for a family member in the admissions waiting room
$10 – ONE extra pillow for a pregnant client
$15 – ONE DAY of meals for one client
$30 – first day orientation groups for ONE client
$50 – admissions consultation for ONE client
$100 – Medical and Psychiatric Assessments for ONE client

$150 – ONE DAY of Aftercare
$300 – ONE DAY of Recovery Care Clinic
$500 – ONE DAY of Partial Hospitalization Program
$700 – ONE DAY at Freedom Recovery Community
$750 – ONE DAY of Intensive Outpatient
$1500  – ONE DAY of Food Service
$3000 – ONE DAY of Medically Monitored Detox
$5000  – ONE DAY of Residential Treatment

Buy a T-shirt!

T-shirts cost $24 – one dollar for every hour in ONE DAY!

Proceeds come to The Next Door

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